Instructors Bio's

Chief Instructor Mike Glover

Mike started his Martial Arts training in 1986 with Universal Kempo-Karate Schools under Prof. Martin T. Buell and Head Instructor Robert Turcotte. He received his first Black Belt in 1992 from Instructor Turcotte and his first Rank Black Belt in 1994 testing under Prof. Buell.

Mike is the Founder of Unified Kempo-Karate Schools founded Feb. 1, 1998 along with a small group of his Instructors and advisors.

Mike was nominated and then chosen from hundreds of nominee’s by the International Martial Arts Council and then inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame on Aug. 4, 2007 as a Kempo Master.


Chief Instructor Robert “Bobby” Cahill Jr.

Bobby started his martial arts training as a youth with Universal Kempo-Karate Schools in 1985 under Instructor Turcotte and received his Jr. Black Belt in 1992 from Instructor Turcotte, he tested for his Adult Black belt under Prof. Buell in 1995. Bobby has always been Instructor Glovers “right hand man” , his Sergent At Arms, and most important, his friend. Instructor Cahill is second in command at Unified Kempo-Karate Schools.


Instructor Patti Glover

Patti started her training with Universal Kempo-Karate Schools under Instructor Mike Glover. She received her first Black Belt in 1999 from Unified kempo-Karate Schools.

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